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Get yourself aware with the standard queries that world ask about.
SMS & related modules

Q1. Can I run your applications on Local Machine?

Yes E-shuttle can be deployed locally at your premises; it will require internet connectivity to pass the data to Eurys Servers.

Q2. What is the length of SMS and how does the SMS credits are being charged?

Plain or UTF -8 character messages are charged at 160 characters & are counted as 1 credits. Unicode or UTF -16 are charged at 70 characters

Normal Credit counter
1 - 160 = 1 SMS Credits, 160 characters
161 - 306 = 2 SMS Credits, 145 characters
307 - 459 = 3 SMS Credits, 152 characters
460 - 612 = 4 SMS Credits, 152 characters

Normal Credit counter
1 - 70 = 1 SMS Credits, 70 characters
71 - 126 = 2 SMS Credits, 55 characters
127 - 189 = 3 SMS Credits, 62 characters
190 - 252 = 4 SMS Credits, 62 characters

Q3. Do I get delivery reports?


Q4. How many SMS can I send per second/minute/day?

Yes E-shuttle can be deployed locally at your premises; it will require internet connectivity to pass the data to Eurys Servers.

Q5. What is the time required to deliver a single message?

3 to 4 seconds

Q6. Why am I charged when the SMS fails to reach the recipient?

Whenever operator's network is used for data transmission some amount is charged for the same.

Q7. What are the different reasons for delivery getting failed?

Handset message inbox full
Mobile switched off
Operator Q
Proxy Settings
Number out of reach

Q8. How much time does it take to send 10,000 thousand SMS at once?

10 to 15 minutes

Q9. What is the difference between automation and scheduling?

Automation means configuring the data base with our system and scheduling means firing the events which have been created during configuration at a particular time.

Q10. What are short codes?

Short codes are five digit codes which are used for receiving the messagesShort codes are five digit codes which are used for receiving the messages

Q11. Why does it take time to get message delivery report on the system?

Top most priority of all operators SMSC is to send messages and not delivery reports.

Q12. What are the different databases that can be connected with E-Shuttle?

The different types of database are MY SQL, SQL Server & Oracle 11i.

Q13. What is the maximum length of the sender ID?

Alphanumeric sender ID can be upto 11 character long. For India Sender ID guidelines are to be followed as per TRAI

Q14. Is it possible to provide space in the sender ID?


Q15. Can we use special characters in the sender ID?


Q16. How do I decide between a Virtual No. & a short code?

Both Virtual No. & shortcodes are effective solutions in their own right

Virtual No:
10 Digit virtual mobile Number
Global number – can accept SMS globally
Operator dependent

5 Digit number
Country specific
Better suited for New customer acquisition, lead generation, marketing campaigns etc
Operator Independent (Available across all the operators)

Q17. What is the customer charged for sending SMS to a shortcode?

Messages sent to Short Code are charged between Rs.1 to Rs.3, This is also dependent on the various Mobile Network Operators.

Q18. Is spamming of Messages allowed?

As per TRAI regulations, spamming is illegal

Q19. What are DND Numbers?

DND stands for "DO NOT DISTURB". A DND registry is maintained by all operators and all push messages, alerts and promotions will not be sent to these numbers and are automatically filtered out at the operator level.

Q20. How does one register as a DND Number?

The customer needs to call their respective operator who they have subscribed with and register themselves with the operator for DND option.

IVR & related modules

Q1. On which Platform IVR Works

It works on Asterisks, it's an open source application to manage IVR and its related applications

Q2. What is the duration of pulse and how it is being charged

A pulse is being charged at 30 Sec per call.

Q3. Do you have API's for Voice Call?

Yes, we do have API's. Kindly refer to download section.

Q4. Can I send a call on DND number?

No You will be only able to broadcast a call at NON DND number

Q5. How can I use the feature of Toll free Number?

You can use feature of Toll free number to enable user to contact via a free channel. The user can call up your call center and receive information on various business processes.

Mobile Apps & related modules

Q1. On which Platform Mobile Apps are available

IOS & Android

Q2. Are these apps available on App store?

Not as of now, but will be published soon

Q3. why should I download Apps?

You can access information via these apps from E-Shuttle.