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    High performance solution for VAS industry

    Mobile Network Operators are now providing better network and connectivity and global
    operators could increase their base by testing new VAS offerings.
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    Scalable & redundant solution

    System architecture is similar to the technology that offers complete redundancy to every critical component of the system.
    The design has fail over at various stages and can be scaled to a large extent


    Load balancing


    Multiple operator connection


    Data Clustering


    Redundant application

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    Instant delivery of information on

    SMS, Voice and Mobile App

    Offering coverage to the entire communication channel E-shuttle
    connects to SMS, IVR and Mobile App so that all the stake holders
    of business are updated with information on real time basis.

    Simple API Access

    MIS Reports

    Control Panel to see stats

    Intelligent Filters

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    Access of information

    from a custom cloud database

    Our Cloud Solution promises on demand, scalable, pay-as-you-go compute and storage capacity.
    Compared to an in-house datacenter, the cloud eliminates large upfront IT investments, lets businesses easily scale out infrastructure,
    while paying only for the capacity they use.


    Affordable Cost




    On demand


    No Infrastructure maintenance


    MIS Reports


    Control Panel to see stats

Product Overview

E-shuttle exists in our elite line of products covering SMS, IVR and mobile Application and offering a multi-channel mode of communication from one platform.

E-shuttle connects SMS, IVR and Mobile Apps on a single platform to access mission critical data and deliver information at various levels of business cycle.

E-shuttle acts as a bridge between Information systems and communication devices. It allows to transfer mission critical data from the heart of the IS and reach to various channels accessed with the help of mobile.

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Platforms & Modules
  • SMS
    SMS module is an online SMS application which provides users to access SMS service online.
  • IVR
    IVR Module offer connectivity over voice to broadcast information from the system
  • Mobile app
    App extension for E-shuttle to increase data accessibility and precision.
  • ceep
    CEEP is a sms and voice based engagement program


  1. Web portal
  3. Oracle & MS SQL plugin
  4. SMS Shortcode & Virtual No
  5. Email 2 SMS – Fly mail Service


  1. Voice Push
  2. Toll Free No
  3. Missed Call Tool
  4. Voice Edge
  5. Speech recognition

Mobile App

  1. IOS Connector for E-shuttle
  2. Android Connector for E-shuttle
  3. C-Panel Apps
  4. Standard Apps
  5. Payment App


  1. SMS
  2. VOICE
  3. Contest Platform
  4. Survey Platform
  5. Social Networking
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